Pro. Office Executive

Professional Office Executive

• History and Generations of Computer.
• Advantage and disadvantage of Computer Block Diagram of a Computer.
• Description of Different parts of a Computer.
• System Software and Application Software.
• Identification of Different parts of a Computer System.
• Turning a computer system on and off.
Windows OS
• Identifying different Desktop Icons. My Computer, My Documents
• Changing Desktop Backgrounds, Mouse Pointer, Screen Saver Notepad, WordPad, MS
MS Word
• Introduction to MS Office.
• Word Processing Software.
• Document formatting options.
• Tables, Bullets and Numbering.
• Font, Alignment, paragraph formatting
• Insert Picture, Clipart, Shapes, WordArt
• Header & Footer, Text Box
• Page Layout, Mail Merge
• Spelling & Grammar
MS Excel
• Introduction to MS Office
• Electronic Spreadsheet
• Cell Formatting Options
• Formulas and Functions (SUM, AVG, COUNT, COUNTIF, SUMIF, MAX, MIN, IF, ROUND)
• Charts
• Sort, Filter, What if Analysis, Grouping Subtotal
• Pivot Table

MS PowerPoint
• Creating Slide Show by using Animation Technique.
• Slide Master.
• Clip Art. Picture Editing

Internet and Email
• Internet Basics: What is Internet? How Internet works? Types of Internet Browsers and
Web pages.
• Introduction to Web: Overview of Internet and www. Web pages, home page, Web
browsers, search Engines, web sites and servers.
• Internet Concepts: Opening websites and browsing. Writing, reading and sending emails.
Connecting to Internet. Browsing popular sites and using search engines.

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