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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

People often consider SEO as a technical or highly scientific thing, but in reality its an art. It’s an art of selecting right keywords for your website, it’s an art of researching the competitors for that keywords, it’s an art of defining right strategy for scaling gruesome competition for high rankings. You ought be a right planner with great marketing mind. You muss access the needs of website visitors and should provide right information and right tools to them. This will help you in attracting a lot of traffic to a particular website. Only an artist like SEO professional can work on a website with his unique artistic flare that can ignite sales from any website.

“And traffic is the thing that drives whole website. No website can survive without traffic.” And it is with these SEO’s that bring traffic to so many websites.

Our Process of SEO Training:

This training program is a complete job oriented training program. We train our candidates according to the feedback of IT companies and their demand of knowledge. This training program is focused to that particular knowledge aria which has proper implementation in real live project execution. In addition to building the relevant technical skills, the program offers personalized coaching and mentoring on organizational skills.

Course Details:

Duration: Total Course Duration is 24 Classes or 72 Hrs (3hrs per class).
Course Fees:    8,000 (payable in 2 installments) 

Module Structure: 


Module: 1 SEO Basics

( Internet Basics, SEO Basics, Search and Search Basics, Important SEO Concepts)

1 CLASS (1X3 hrs=3 hrs)


Module: 2 General and Advance Off page Optimization techniques

( Link Building, Authoritative Ideas, RSS feeds promotion, Creating a Publishing Network, Article Promotion, Press Release Promotion, Blogging techniques[creating, posting and commenting], Classifieds promotion, Forum Promotion, Social Interaction, Various Type of Bookmarking, Various Type of Submission )

5 CLASSES (5X3 hrs=15 hrs)


Module: 3 General and Advance On page Optimization techniques

( HTML basics, Site Analysis, Keyword Research, Mapping & Suggestion Tips, Header Tag, Header & Footer Text, Alt Tag, Duplicate Content Checking, Footer Link Modification, Sitemap Creation, Bread Navigation, RSS feeds Creation, Broken Link Checking, Robots.txt, Canonical URL, Error Page Set Up )

4 CLASSES (4X3 hrs=12 hrs)


1st EXAM

1 CLASS (1X3 hrs=3 hrs) (Including Module: 1, 2 & 3)


Module: 4 Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing


( Ad Testing Techniques, Bid Management Strategies, PPC Ad Writing & Targeting Tips, Search Engines & Ad Networks)

2 CLASSES (2X3 hrs=6 hrs)


Module: 5 Tracking Results

( The tracking results module offers tips on how to track your results and improve your strategy based on marketplace feedback)

2 CLASSES (2X3 hrs=6 hrs)


2nd EXAM

1 CLASS (1X2 hrs=3 hrs) (Including Module: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Module: 6 Video & Audio promotions, Local SEO & MAPs Optimization Techniques

( How to Create Optimized Audio and Video to Attract More Visitors to Your Website, Learn how to add your business details into Google Map, the advance techniques to list your business in Google, Yahoo and Bing, optimization your business account, to get citation and more local based links to get top ranking, how to optimize your website with geo tagging and other methods)

1 CLASSES (1X3 hrs=3 hrs)


Module: 7 Practical Usage tips on various SEO tools

( Website analysis, PR Checker tools, Backlink analysis and links checker tools, rank checker tools, Similar Page Checker Tools, Search Engine Spider Simulator Tools, Backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tools, Keyword Density Checker Tools, Redirect Check Tools, Domain Age Tool, Robots.txt Tools, C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool, Class C Checker Tools, Bad Neighborhood Checker Tools, What Is My IP Address Tools, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Keyword Popularity Tool, Web Page Analyzer Tools)

3 CLASSES (3X3 hrs=9 hrs)


Live Project Development .

4 CLASSES (4X3 hrs=12 hrs)

“Implementing SEO technique on a live website and get results.”


Certification as Trainee SEO Expert:

On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as "Trainee SEO Expert" by Expart TEAM