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iPhone Guru

Course Name:- iPhone Guru

iPhone Course Summary:

In this course, we will learn to create applications for Apple’s iPhone using Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. Since its introduction, the Apple iPhone SDK has been revealed to be a powerful platform upon which to build sophisticated applications. Without actually having to own an iPhone, students will be able to build and test their applications on Apple Macs using the freely available compiler and simulator. In addition to the development tools, students will become proficient in the object-oriented language Objective-C, the Apple iPhone Frameworks, and the principles of Cocoa development. This is a new, dynamic, constantly-evolving topic, and students will be at the forefront a new technological advancement.


Course Details:

Duration: Total Course Duration is 108 Hrs (4 Months).
Course Fees:   14,500.00 (You can pay in 2 installments) 

Module Structure:


Module: 1

  • OOP’s and pointer concept.
  • Basic introduction to iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture.

Module: 2

  • Familiarization with xcode - (Cocoa framework, Library, Attribute Inspector, Flow of control of a running application, Hello world program.)
  • Memory Management in iPhone.

Module: 3

  • Defining a class, allocation, initializing objects and messaging.
  • defining function and function syntax, function call
  • Various types of actions.
  • Property and Synthesize
  • Basic Calculator program
  • Advanced Calculator program.

Module: 4

  • Alerting user, Action sheet, Delegates, Selectors, protocols
  • Various types of views like picker view, date picker, web view, Map view, table view, image view, scroller, text view usage.
  • Programs on all types of views.
  • Adding various views to action sheet and to views programmatically.

Module: 5

  • View animation and various touch methods.
  • Orientation
  • Threading.
  • Form program.

Module: 6 SDK Advanced

  • Web service.
  • SQLite Database
  • Core Data Usage
  • XMLParsing.
  • JSON
  • Web Service based application program
  • An overview to Apple Inc guide line.

Module: 7

  • Navigation based application program.
  • Tab bar based application program.

Live Project Development

“On completion of the course Students will be assigned with a Live Project development job under the guidance of our Project Manager from Development Center. The projects developed by the students during the training period will be made live in our dedicated server. A live demonstration of project work to the recruiter will facilitate the placement of the students.”


Optional module

  • Puzzle game programming.

Certification :

On completion of your course and successful development of the iPhone application assigned to you, you will be certified as Trainee iPhone App Developer by Expart TEAM