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Android GURU

Course Name : - Android GURU

Here are some of the prime features of Android that will clearly justify why you should seek Android course in Kolkata or Android Application Development:
* Android is the open source mobile OS which has made Android app development quite cost effective. 
* Android developers can easily understand as well as use Android SDK to generate creative Android apps. 
* Java programming language and C/C++ are used for Android Application Development. Therefore, it is simple for a qualified and skilled Java programmer to work on Android apps. 
* Data storage is carried out in a structured way with the help of SQLite. 
* This development program allows developers to use the same codes for rapid application development thereby saving his time. 
* It gives support to connectivity technologies like GSM/EDGE, CDMA, IDEN, EV-DO, UMTS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, and WiMAX. 


Course Details:

Duration: 108 Hrs (3 Months).
Course Fees:   13,500.00  (You can pay in 2 installments) 

Module Structure:


Module: 1

  • OOPS, Naming convention,Android Commercial Versions,Android Project Structure

  • Android screens, Create New project & Import project, Android Activity, Life Cycle, Android Fundamental & Overview


Module: 2

  • Android Linear Layout & Relative Layout

  • Android Text View, Android Edit text, Android Image View

  • Android Button,Android Toast, Android Image Button, Android Toggle Button, Android Radio Button

  • Android Check Box, Android Spinner

  • What is Intent filter?

  • Pass different type of value.


Module: 3

  • Alert Dialog,Android Frame Layout & Table Layout

  • Android Layout inflates & Android List View

  • Android Expendable List view , Android Grid View, Android Scroll View & Horizontal Scroll View, Android web view, Android Map view


Module: 4

  • Android Number Picker & date time picker

  • Android Tab Host & Tab Widget

  • Android Orientation & Keyboard handle



Module: 5

  • Android SDCARD (Read & write)

  • Android Database handle

  • Android File handling. (Read, Write & delete)

  • Android Shared Preference, Android Application class

  • Android assets & raw folder utility


Module: 6

  • Android Async Task (With progress dialog and without progress dialog)

  • Android XML Parsing (SAX, Document etc)

  • Android Jason Parsing

  • Android Internet connection handler


Module: 7

  • Android Notification, Android Timer

  • Android Handler, Thread, Android ProgressBar.

  • Android background service

  • Android Hardware Interaction (Camera, Gallery).


Module: 8


  • PhoneGap

  • Use of HTML5,Tags,Form Elements

  • CSS3 Intro,Difference between CSS2 and CSS3,Properties,css3 device detection , css3 browser compatibility

  • Setting up an PhoneGap Environment on the Android

  • Simple Phone Gap application


Android Project Development & Project Market Upload Process

Certification as Trainee Android App Developer :

On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as Trainee Android App Developer by Expart TEAM.